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Track the Pack
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Ask the Elders
This sounds amazing, how do I join?
Show up and wear a wolf t-shirt
Do I have to have a wolf on my clothes to be a part of the prowl?
Yes, that’s the whole point!
Where can I get a wolf shirt?
Wal-Mart generally carries a great selection. Wal-Marts in Kentucky tend to have more wolf shirts than Ohio. and several other web stores have a gigantic variety if you want to go all out. Hit the Wolf Tees tab to check out some options! We will also have a limited number of shirts that will be available in exchange for a donation to the prowl.
How do I know where the wolf pack is prowling?
Check the event schedule to see when we are hitting various bars. Also, you can sign up for text updates to track the pack during the afterhours portion of the crawl
What are the donations for, and how do I donate?
All donations this year will be benefiting _____. To donate, click on the donate tab above, or bring cash to the prowl
When do I eat?
We will have food catered into Mecca for dinner. Grab some in exchange for a donation to the prowl (cash only please)