We Ride Alone, Together.
  Welcome to the home for Cincinnati's Wolf Pack Pub Prowl.
  September 17, 2022
The Wolf Pack Pub Prowl is a wolf themed bar crawl in Cincinnati Ohio. Guests of the prowl wear epic wolf t-shirts and tour around various bars howling, cheering, and causing all sorts of lupine chaos. The wolf pack is led around the city by a few select Alpha Wolves. These leaders have Wolf Pack Pub Prowl experience, and are charged with keeping the pack together while guiding prowlers from pub to pub. At each bar the pack grows stronger as more and more wolf t-shirts join the party!
All you need to do to officially join the prowl is to wear a wolf themed t-shirt. You can also join the mailing list, join the text updates, and donate for more shit during the prowl.
You can join our text message list. You'll be given updates during the prowl to keep track of the pack! To join:

Text: wolfpack
To: 833-228-9841
Press here for easy an easy link.
Or use the QR code below:
The WPPP was started in 2013 by a few wise wolf elders. At the time it was just a small gathering of about 10 friends - and more of an inside joke than anything else. The first prowl was planned in one day and was met primarily with confusion by other bargoers. Over the past few years the prowl has exploded into a full scale annual event with over 100 wolves completely taking over bars with hideous clothing, deafening howls, and devastating cheers. Starting in 2017, the prowl began to use the popularity of the event to also raise money for charity. The WPPP grows and expands every year, so be on the lookout for the next surprise.
Pack Clothing: Anything that prominently depicts cheesy wolf graphics. Other wolf accessories are also encouraged.

Pack Cheer: "We ride alone... Together!"

Pack Motto: The strength of the wolf is the pack; the strength of the pack is the wolf.

Pack Drink: The Lupine Fiasco - Canadian whiskey dropped into Blue Moon.

Making a Kill: Ordering 20+ drinks at once for pack members

Pack Game: Wolf, hunter, sheep (see former pack member for details).

Leadership: Alpha Wolves, appointed by the Elder Wolves