The Elder Wolves are pack members who have attended several prowls, and were involved early on in the events creation. They know the ins and outs of the WPPP, and are responsible for most of the planning that takes place before the day of the event.
Shane Carlson
Master of the Wild
Experience – 6 prowls
Aaron Rumburg
Blood of the Pack
Experience – 4 prowls
Michael Spangler
Brother of the Hunt
Experience – 6 prowls
Danny Watson
Druid of the Fang
Experience – 6 prowls
Jim Moyer
Warrior of the Den
Experience – 5 prowls
Justin Forgash
Beast of the Night
Experience – 5 prowls
Dorothy Spangler
Mother of the Forest
Experience – 4 prowls
Steph Howes
Spirit of the Moon
Experience – 4 prowls
The Alpha Wolves are chosen by the elders to lead each pub prowl. They must have at least two prowls of experience to be chosen. They are responsible for keeping the pack together and determining the after hours pack route. They can be identified by golden fur sashes.

Alphas of the past:

Elishia Candelaresi
Ben Watson
Hannah Wolfer
Dorothy Hogston
Ken Okoye
Ben Ko
Amy Wicks
Steph Howes
Chas Wiederhold
Tom Meyer
Lee Hammons
Abby Wilms
Michelle Kowalski
Alex Watson